5 Reasons To Start Online Film School

5 Reasons To Start Online Film School

The creativity boom is stronger than ever. You don’t need to produce an Oscar film to make a living. There’re endless opportunities for those interested in making vlogs and indie films, scriptwriting, colour grading, acting, directing, etc.. Enrolling in an online film school is a quick and economical way to cover all topics from film technology to creativity, while networking with hundreds of industry professionals to kick start a career!

1) A Professional Network

Online film school is great for increasing what you know, but it’s also ideal for increasing WHO you know. Filmmaking is always a team effort, and no matter how good you get, you’re always going to need to work with specialists across a wide variety of disciplines. Finding those specialists can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. 

There’s nothing like an environment dedicated to learning and mastering the art of filmmaking to attract creative, dedicated people. Even outside of your peers in the course, you’ll have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people in the industry through screenings, internships, events, shoots and more. You’ll get mentorship from experienced professors and other teaching staff. Since many of these kinds of opportunities are only open to those with college credit, film school is especially important for building up these kinds of networks. 

2) Structure

Of course, it’s always possible to teach yourself a skill, to get in those ten thousand hours on your own time and dime. But it makes the process much harder and slower than it needs to be. 

The best online film school will offer you classes, assignments and readings that will direct your learning to where it needs to go. That’ll give you an initial set of tracks to steer your learning on. Then, when you’re ready, you can start bringing your feelings and opinions to the table. Instead of carving everything out on your own, you’ll have sets of course material to interact with. Whether or not you ultimately end up using your film school’s advice, you’ll have something to work with and react against. 

3) Flexibility

Of course, usually when attending film school, all these benefits come from wrapping your life around it. You move to Los Angeles or somewhere else, uprooting your entire life, and organise your days around the school’s schedule, not your own. But online film school is different. 

This way, you can attend classes from the comfort of your couch. Since you’ll be looking at pre-recorded lectures, you can access them whenever and wherever you want. The amount and variety of digital resources online film school offers means you’ll be getting just as good an education as your peers. You can still work during your time at online film school, still have your normal life while getting a world-class education. It’s clear that online film school is ideal for anyone who needs flexibility. 

4) Time to Practice

If you want to become a great filmmaker, you need to be willing to devote a lot of time to it. But in the endless rush of work, family, friends and everything else in life, it can be hard to carve out that time. How do you make sure you get the practice you need? By giving yourself the space in your life to focus solely on that practice. That’s what online film school does best. You’ll have a dedicated time and space to try, fail and fail better. You’ll carve out a section of your life solely devoted to your art, and in doing so, will become much better than before. 

5) Resources

The problem with learning filmmaking is that, unlike a lot of other art forms, you need a lot to get started. Good cameras, lights, sets, costumes, editing programs and microphones are just some of the equipment required to make a movie. This is a lot to invest into on your own, particularly if you don’t yet know what kind of equipment is best for your needs. This is why online film school can be amazing for enabling you to make your own films. They have tons of high-quality equipment you can use for your own projects. It’ll get you used to using professional equipment, as well as ensuring your portfolio is filled with high-quality projects. 

Wrapping Up

Of course, when it comes to educational and career decisions, it’s always best to do your own research. Take your time, and consider multiple resources before making a choice. But keep one eye on online film school. For all the reasons we’ve considered, it could be the way you could make the next masterpiece in cinema. 


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