4 Reasons Why You Should Get a HR Degree Online

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a HR Degree Online

Looking for a career change? If you feel like you want to do something new, but aren’t sure what, human resources could be for you. Human resources staff provide a wide range of services for companies, including recruitment, training of staff, management of compensation packages and more. Their role is to manage everything and anything to do with employees, and the skills involved range from communication, organization and teamwork skills. 


Why Choose A Career in HR?

It offers tons to the people who get into it, and with the increasing availability of online school for human resources, it’s easier to get into than ever. Let’s take a look at why human resources could be for you. 

1) Lots of choice

Human resources departments are a necessity for every company. No matter what industry you go into, there’s sure to be a human resources department attached to it. This means that once you get that HR degree, online or otherwise, you’re sure to have access to lots of job opportunities across the country. 

Within HR roles, this freedom and flexibility is prevalent across all industries. Human resources specialists often work remotely, making use of telecommuting and highly flexible hours to build a career that works for them. 88% of knowledge workers now work remotely, and HR is no different

2) Room for growth

Online school for human resources could be just the beginning of a lifetime of limitless earning potential. Human resources professionals are expected to have exponentially more job opportunities in the future. Almost 65,000 job openings in human resources are expected to become available in the next decade. This means that to up your earning potential, you won’t have to follow a linear career ladder. Instead, human resources will give you the flexibility to move from company to company to find the best position for you.

Not only that, but moving up the career ladder in human resources can come with rich rewards. The Muse estimates that after doing online HR degree programs, graduates can expect to raise their salaries by over $60,000. This is far higher than salary jumps in other careers. If you go to online school for human resources, you could set yourself up for one of the most lucrative careers out there. 

3) Plenty of variety

If you want a job where every day looks different from the next, human resources is just the thing for you. Since you’re dealing with people, and people always have different needs, your working life will always be changing and filled with challenges. On a typical day, you could be doing anything from hiring a brand-new team to sorting out a company’s information systems. It’ll keep your head fresh and ensure you’re always learning something new. If you feel like your current role is getting stagnant, the constant, fresh challenge of a job in human resources could be for you. 

As human resource roles can involve a huge degree of autonomy, you can also introduce lots of variety into your career yourself. Online HR degree programs train their graduates to not only follow existing systems within organizations, but invent new systems themselves. If you have fresh ideas for how an organization could change up their compensation packages or employee assistance, you can start introducing those ideas yourself.

4) Seeing why your work matters

Completing online HR degree programs can lead to more than just a great salary; they let you build a career that really matters. Human resources is a department that has a real, definable impact on every other part of a company. You’ll see how your efforts directly make your coworkers’ lives better. 

It’ll also feel impactful because it requires you to think about the big picture. Human resources professionals regularly participate in top-down planning that affects an entire organization. You’ll see how your actions and your abilities can have huge, incredible results. 

A Simple Way to Earn a Degree in HR

So what does someone need to do to start a career in human resources? There are tons of degree programs available, but some are more efficient than others. While there are plenty of four-year degree programs within the traditional education system, they might not be the quickest path to start your career. Online school for human resources offers alternative degree programs. They cut the fluff to really focus in on what matters for your career, and will get you qualifications quickly.


Of course, whenever you’re considering a career change, it’s best to do your own research. Online HR degree programs are available all over the internet, and finding the right one for you might take some time. But revamping your career and upping your earning potential will be with it. 


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